How to afford sports photography at 1,000+ participant events?

The bottom line of large sporting events is being pushed all the time. Sponsorship and grants are becoming scarcer.

So, what do you do when everyone wants a memory from your event but you can’t afford professional photographers?

15th-Australian-Masters-Games-Logo-COLOURLet’s look at an example of a large multi-day, multi-sport event in Australia – the Australian Masters Games (AMG).

AMG had 8,000 participants a day competing in 49 different sports in 60 different locations in South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide.

In previous years AMG budget allowed for 4 paid photographers to cover the games. Clearly, it was impossible to capture all participants given the extent of the games played and venues used. Therefore the photographers could only cover the editorial shots needed. Participants lost out on their photography memory of their participation in the games.

AMG teamed with GeoSnapShot to provide 32 talented local sports photographers to capture all the event action.Weninar

Importantly, these photographers were free to the event organiser. The photographers felt proud to be supporting such a prestigious event in their local area.

They photographed all events and provided great editorial and participant photography at a low price, giving every participant the opportunity to walk away with a photo memory from the games.

3GeoSnapShot also provides a single place for participants to view and purchase all photos from the event and a single place for the editorial team to grab what they need for all the editorial and social posts.

GeoSnapShot provides a unique platform to support sports events of any size, anywhere in the world. Contact us.


But don’t take our word for it, see what the Australian Master Games had to say about our platform.

Andy Edwards

Founder & CEO provides a global mass community-based photography platform where any photographer can upload and share or sell their photos. Event organisers can request talented local photographers to attend their events, or existing event photographers can take photos and upload to one convenient online marketplace.



Why your partner doesn’t come to horse events.

Most guys, like me, need a purpose. We need a function in life, and we need to feel that what we do is important.

When my wife obsessively took up the sport of eventing, it quickly became apparent that during the weekends away at competitions, there’s a lot of down time. Yes I can pick hooves, fetch water, shovel poo and have soothing words at the right time to calm nerves but ultimately there’s not a lot of action for me for the 48 hours away that culminates in Lauren actually competing on her horse for 12 minutes of each weekend.

I know Lauren is grateful that I’m there to support her, but come Sunday night, there’s not much sense of achievement for guys like me and all the horse husbands out there.

_MG_5810Fortunately for me, at about the same time as Lauren started competing, I took up photography. I quickly discovered these long weekends were perfect opportunities to practice my photography – it was win / win. I get to come along support my partner (earning brownie points) AND practice my hobby at the same time.

Little did I know how much I would love it. The challenge of getting great equestrian photos takes time, patience and a lot of feedback from riders! But the feeling I got from riders loving my photos was amazing. After a while they actually loved my photos – they loved them! Bringing a smile to someone’s face from a photo you’ve taken is a very special moment.

All of a sudden I had a purpose, I was being asked “Andy, can you take some of me?” and I felt one of the group. I felt a connection and I felt needed.

Then came the problem. The more photos I took, the harder it became to distribute them when_MG_0067 I got home. I sent some photos by email, some by facebook. But, I’m sorry to say, most photos ultimately never made it out of my computer. Yes, some of you, will never see your memories that I captured ever again.

This actually annoyed me. It frustrated me so much that I created a global solution for this problem. Now all photographers at the events have an easy place to put their photos so that everyone could grab their memories. Photographers earn money from selling the photos towards that next bridle, rug, pony or entry to the next event!

But I’m not alone and this is not just a bloke thing. You know people like me parents or partners of riders. People who take photos at your events but you never get to see them.

Get them to join GeoSnapShot and be part of the community photography solution and keep them coming to support you at your events.

Andy Edwards

Founder of and still supporting my partner at Events! provides a global mass community-based photography platform where any photographer can upload and share or sell their photos. Event organisers can request photographers for their events using GeoSnapShot.

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