How to afford sports photography at 1,000+ participant events?

The bottom line of large sporting events is being pushed all the time. Sponsorship and grants are becoming scarcer.

So, what do you do when everyone wants a memory from your event but you can’t afford professional photographers?

15th-Australian-Masters-Games-Logo-COLOURLet’s look at an example of a large multi-day, multi-sport event in Australia – the Australian Masters Games (AMG).

AMG had 8,000 participants a day competing in 49 different sports in 60 different locations in South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide.

In previous years AMG budget allowed for 4 paid photographers to cover the games. Clearly, it was impossible to capture all participants given the extent of the games played and venues used. Therefore the photographers could only cover the editorial shots needed. Participants lost out on their photography memory of their participation in the games.

AMG teamed with GeoSnapShot to provide 32 talented local sports photographers to capture all the event action.Weninar

Importantly, these photographers were free to the event organiser. The photographers felt proud to be supporting such a prestigious event in their local area.

They photographed all events and provided great editorial and participant photography at a low price, giving every participant the opportunity to walk away with a photo memory from the games.

3GeoSnapShot also provides a single place for participants to view and purchase all photos from the event and a single place for the editorial team to grab what they need for all the editorial and social posts.

GeoSnapShot provides a unique platform to support sports events of any size, anywhere in the world. Contact us.


But don’t take our word for it, see what the Australian Master Games had to say about our platform.

Andy Edwards

Founder & CEO provides a global mass community-based photography platform where any photographer can upload and share or sell their photos. Event organisers can request talented local photographers to attend their events, or existing event photographers can take photos and upload to one convenient online marketplace.


2 replies on “How to afford sports photography at 1,000+ participant events?”

The AMG 2015 was my first opportunity at event photography and attending as a volunteer was not a problem as I looked at the long term development of myself as a photographer.

Since becoming more involved with Geosnapshot and event photography here in South Australia I emphasise the importance of organisng photographers to Event Organisers as being an additional way for participants to remember their day and their achievement.

Additionally it gives the EO extra confidence that they can get alot more coverage of their event from the volunteers through social media publicity and establish a relationship with a set of freelance photographers. Eventually volunteers become confident to establish themselves and begin to earn a respectable fee…and attending as a volunteer can develop that experience and portfolio.

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